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10 Tips to Avoid Speeding Tickets

     The State of Georgia issues THOUSANDS of Speeding Tickets every year, and thanks to government grants and big ticket revenue, ticketing efforts are not going down one bit. Instead, there are now a staggering number of methods police can use to issue a speeding ticket. For the average Georgia motorist, even one speeding ticket can raise your insurance premiums for several years. Multiple violations can push your rates through the roof, and even risk license suspension. Here are 10 ways to fly under a cop’s radar and avoid a speeding ticket this summer:


     If you do happen to get a speeding ticket this summer, we can help. Don’t let a Georgia Speeding Ticket ruin your driving record, increase insurance premiums, or suspend your license. Pleading guilty or paying a speeding ticket online is one of the worst decisions you could make. Paying a speeding ticket online is considered a GUILTY plea. A guilty plea on your driving record will follow you around for the rest of your life. Our Georgia Speeding Ticket Lawyers fight for your rights as a GA driver.

     Our 36 year old Georgia criminal defense law firm has developed a highly specialized speeding ticket division working to get reduced fines and points on your Georgia Speeding Ticket. Call Attorney Sam Nash at 770-422-0878 for a free phone consultation or Hire Your Georgia Speeding Ticket Attorney Online.

Don’t Pay That Speeding Ticket! We fight to have your Georgia traffic ticket reduced or dismissed. Flat Fees start at just $199.


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